Province of West Wales Festival 2026


Brethren all, there are a lot of words below, which may lead you to think that making a donation online is complicated, but in practice it’s pretty simple and should take about 5 minutes!  Firstly……  


  1. Log into


  1. To make donations there are various areas on this website that you can select but I can assure you they all lead to the same place, the JustGiving platform, so to keep it simple, select the DONATE box which is near the bottom of the home screen (Look for the Orange Piggy Bank!).


  1. Select the FESTIVAL APPEALS box.




  1. Select FESTIVAL, and then from the drop-down select WEST WALES 2026 FESTIVAL (it’s one up from the bottom of the list) then press SUBMIT


  1. ENTER YOUR LODGE NUMBER. Remember to put a capital L before the lodge number (e.g. L1234) then press DONATE


  1. SELECT THE AMOUNT you want to donate, either from the suggested options or by manually typing in the amount you want to give e.g. £5.  Also on this screen you are invited to make a small contribution toward the running costs of the JustGiving platform. To choose not to, click on the drop-down box where £1 is shown, select OTHER, then leave the contribution amount as zero and press CONTINUE.


  1. You are then invited to leave a message and your name. As an aid to ensure correct allocation of these donations I would suggest you ENTER YOUR NAME, but a message is entirely optional. You could either leave no message or type something like ‘Provincial Meeting’, just as a further aid to identification. Then press CONTINUE.


  1. You can now select your payment method, for which the popular choice I should think will be CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD.  If you select this option, please  enter your CARD DETAILS and POSTCODE, then press CONTINUE.


  1. You now have an option to add Gift Aid. If you are a taxpayer, please select YES as this will boost your donation by 25%.  If so, TICK BOTH STATEMENT BOXES, and CONTINUE.  Enter your NAME and your POSTCODE, then SELECT YOUR ADDRESS from the drop-down list. Once your address appears, press CONTINUE.


  1. On the last screen, your donation is shown, enter your name and email address here to receive a donation receipt. Finally, it is ESSENTIAL that you TICK the “Want to Stay in Touch?” box, as this will ensure that JustGiving pass on your details to the MCF so that your donation can be recorded and allocated correctly. Don’t worry…it is very unlikely that you will receive any other correspondence from the MCF by ticking this box.


Press CONFIRM DONATION and you are finished. THANK YOU!

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