The Travelling Gavel

W Bro Sam Richards (left) receives the gavel from Bro Ian Brodie


Bro Gwyn Joseph of Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia was so delighted to find himself subscribed to the West Wales Provincial Newsletter, that he presented the Province with a beautiful Mulga Wood gavel and the idea of a Travelling Gavel to encourage visiting between Lodges in the Province of West
Wales was born.

Every good idea needs a champion and The Province owes a great debt to Bro Ian Brodie of Saint Padarn Lodge who took the idea of a Travelling Gavel and made it a reality. As a tribute to all of Ian’s hard work, the Traveling Gavel was launched at the Saint Padarn Lodge Installation on Thursday 16th
October 2014, when the gavel was presented to Cleddau Lodge, the Mother Lodge of RW Bro Stephen Hookey, The Provincial Grand Master and a very appropriate place for the gavel to start its journey around the Lodges of West Wales.


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