Thriving Membership



By RW Bro James Ross, Provincial Grand Master for the Province of West Wales

Left to right - James Ross, Graham Newstead and Steve Fearn


The core aim of the Strategy for Freemasonry 2022 and beyond is:


“To cement our reputation as a force for good in our communities and society large and as a thriving organisation that people aspire to join!”


At the core of creating a thriving organisation is the Membership Pathway which provides a simple set of tools for lodges to use to attract and engage with new members; to engage with existing active members and to re-engage with inactive members.


On Thursday 12th January 2023 at a regular meeting of Teifi Lodge no 4648 in Cardigan I attended a Pathway Presentation given by the Provincial Grand Membership Officer, W Bro Steve Fearn.


In a carefully structured presentation W Bro Steve talked the brethren through the various stages involved in the Pathway. The 4 key themes are Plan, Attract, Engage and Retrieve. W Bro Steve explained that as a membership organisation, freemasonry is continually on a journey to attract and engage with people to help them to join and then really enjoy their freemasonry.


In a breakout session, W Bro Steve divided the brethren into small groups and asked them to consider what makes their lodge special. Why someone should choose their lodge instead of any other. Are there any problems within our lodge which need addressing etc.


The breakout session was followed by a very lively discussion particularly about Teifi Lodge, but relevant to all lodges in the province. W Bro Steve recorded everyone’s thoughts on a flipchart. At the end of the discussion, he explained that the flipchart could form the basis of Teifi Lodge’s plan.


After the meeting the brethren were buzzing with optimism about the future. Most of the lodges who were represented at the meeting have several candidates waiting for Initiation. I urge all lodges to invite W Bro Steve along to one of their meetings to give his presentation.

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