Clive Webb - 50 Years in Freemasonry


I am delighted to be in Tenby Lodge this evening to present a 50-year certificate and badge to one of my personal living legends of West Wales Freemasonry, W Bro Clive Richard Webb.


W Bro Clive, you were Initiated into the Tenby Lodge exactly 50 years ago this evening on 25th March 1974. You were passed on the 20th May 1974 and Raised on the 25th November 1974.


You served the Tenby Lodge in the progressive offices, becoming Junior Warden in 1999, Senior Warden in 2000 and finally Worshipful Master in 2001, when I was still an Entered Apprentice!


You have been a loyal and faithful servant to the Tenby Lodge, having gone on to serve as Director of Ceremonies, a further year as Junior Warden, Assistant Director of Ceremonies and currently as Chaplain.


You joined the prestigious Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters in 2009. You have served that Lodge as Assistant Director of Ceremonies, Almoner and Senior Deacon.


In the Craft Province of West Wales, you were first appointed to the Acting Rank of Provincial Grand Pursuivant in 2008 at the Installation meeting of RW Bro Eric Mock as Provincial Grand Master. You were promoted to the Acting Rank of Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2016.


In 2019 at my Installation meeting as Provincial Grand Master, I had the very great pleasure of appointing and investing you as my very first Provincial Senior Grand Warden. An office which you served with distinction in the Temple and a load of laughs outside the Temple!


In the Holy Royal Arch, you were Exalted into the Dinbych Chapter on 19th November 1975. You served in the progressive offices, becoming Joshua in 2002, Haggai in 2003 and Most Excellent Zerubbabel in 2004. Since leaving the chairs, you have served the Chapter 5 times as Director of Ceremonies. Members of the Dinbych Chapter have told me that they are pretty sure you’ll get the hang of it eventually!


You are currently serving the Chapter as Joshua and I am a little disappointed that I won’t be with you next month when you are installed as the Most Excellent Zerubbabel for a second time.


In the Holy Royal Arch Province of West Wales, you were first appointed to the acting rank of Provincial 2nd Assistant Sojourner in 2005. In 2013 you were promoted to the Acting Rank of Provincial Grand Sword Bearer. In 2022 I had the great pleasure of appointing and investing you as Third Provincial Grand Principal. As you and I both know, the office of Third Provincial Grand Principal is a bit of a poisoned chalice in West Wales as it comes with the Address to the Companions which is one of the most challenging addresses in the whole of pure antient freemasonry. Excellent Companion Clive, you delivered that address with sincerity and feeling during your year of office and as always it was a pleasure to be in your company for the year.


In the Supreme Grand Chapter of England, you were appointed to the rank of Past Grand Standard Bearer in 2016.


W Bro Clive, you were born into a well-established Tenby and masonic family on 14th August 1946. Your father, John Percival George Webb, known to all as Jack, was also a distinguished freemason and a member of the Tenby Lodge.


You followed in your father’s footsteps by joining the fire brigade and becoming Captain of Tenby Fire Brigade just like your father before you.


After retiring from the fire brigade, you joined your brother Michael’s building firm as a painter and decorator.


You are a committed member of St Mary’s Church Tenby, following your father as a Church Warden and you have also served as the Captain of the Bell Ringers.


You have a lovely wife called Ruth, two children, Jonathan, and Tori and at least 4 grandchildren!


W Bro Clive, you are an excellent freemason, and you have served many organisations with distinction in a life defined by service to others. I have had the privilege of presenting many long service awards. They are all very special, but yours is one that blesses he who gives as well as he who receives.


I am delighted to present you with your certificate and badge to mark this wonderful milestone in your masonic career and I wish you good health and the strength to continue to enjoy your freemasonry for many years to come.


Many congratulations.

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