Welcome to West Wales - Prospective Candidate Meeting


On Wednesday 14th April 2021, Head of West Wales Freemasons, James Ross was delighted to welcome 53 people to a special meeting to welcome prospective candidates for freemasonry who have been delayed for over a year by the pandemic.


Those present included members of the Provincial Executive, Proposers, Seconders, Lodge Membership Officers, Mentors and 27 prospective candidates.


The meeting was hosted by the Provincial Membership Officer, W Bro Adrian Thomas and included contributions from the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Ryland James, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp David Rayson, the Provincial Grand Secretary, W Bro Tony Trumper and the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W Bro Dirk den-Hartog. W Bro Stephen Fearn answered questions on the University Scheme and arrangements for the transfer of students to other lodges when they graduate.


Adrian Thomas covered topics of interest to candidates, such as the ceremonial, the Festive Board, the Mackworth Club for new and young masons, what it means to be a freemason and why people join freemasonry.


The presentation was followed by a relaxed Q&A session where the candidates and their supporters were able to ask questions of the panel. The questions carried on for more than 30 minutes which emphasized what a success the meeting was.


One of the prospective candidates, Gary Kentish wrote a poem to celebrate the success of the evening.


From the Outside


From the outside looking in,

Who do I ask, how do I get in?

What does it really mean to be a brother?

Will I have to share my clothes, my tools, my mother?


There is a burning desire to find out more,

But apparently there is a man guarding the door!


Many a Mason I have come to know,

From my childhood to adulthood, they've put on no show, for me.

A guiding friend asks, “so you really want to know more?

I'll have a word with the man on the door”.


An interview is held to check out my true,

Although I am told the door doesn't just open,

That occasion will be special, just for you.


So, what's it all about, I am eager to see –

Now I hear there is goat waiting for me?


The anticipation builds,

Zoom meetings galore,

A Provincial Grand Master, now I'm in awe.

How did he get there and what has he done?

What does it mean,

Does he still have fun?


A nine o'clock toast seems to be the thing,

To remember absent brethren, sealed with a drink.

I see genuine respect for brothers on the square,

And for those on the outside facing hard times, perhaps despair.


I am sat here before you,

Waiting at the station,

For when time arrives,

So will be my initiation.

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