W Bro Gerald Tudor Williams - 50 Years in Freemasonry

Left to right, RW Bro James Ross, PGM, W Bro Gerald Tudor-Williams, W Bro Mike Harries, WM Cambrian Lodge

On Wednesday 19th January 2022, the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro James Ross was delighted to present W Bro Gerald Tudor-Williams with a certificate and badge to mark Gerald's 50 years in freemasonry.

Extract from the PGM's Address

It is a great pleasure to be here with you this evening to present W Bro Gerald Tudor-Williams with a certificate and badge to recognise 50 years faithful service to freemasonry.


W Bro Gerald, you were Initiated into Llantarnam Lodge no 7901, which meets in Pontypool in the Province of Monmouthshire on Friday 18th December 1970.


You were Installed as Worshipful Master of Llantarnam Lodge on 16th September 1983, which just happens to have been my 18th birthday. You went on to join the Charles Line Lodge of Installed Masters no 2964 in 1984 and St Gabriel Lodge no 8711 which meets in Newport in 1988. The Grand Lodge database records that you served Llantarnam Lodge as Charity Steward from 1995 to 1998. Knowing you as I do, I have absolutely no doubt that you held other lodge offices, but only holders of certain offices are recorded on the Grand Lodge Installation return.

In the Province of Monmouthshire, you were appointed Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1990 and you were promoted to Provincial Grand Registrar in 1995.


In the Holy Royal Arch, you were Exalted into the St Woolos Chapter no 683 in 1974 and served the Chapter as Most Excellent Zerubbabel in 1986. In 1997, you were a founder member of the Chapter of Rectitude no 335, which meets in the Province of Wiltshire.

In the Royal Arch Province of Monmouthshire, you were appointed as Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1988. You were promoted to Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in 1993, further promoted to Provincial Grand Treasurer in 1998 and appointed to the rank of Past Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah in 1999.


W Bro Gerald, you had a distinguished career in the Craft and the Royal Arch in the Province of Monmouthshire, and I am sure that had you not retired to Pembrokeshire, you would have gone on to hold even more high offices in Monmouthshire.

Monmouthshire’s loss was West Wales gain, because you became a joining member of Cleddau Lodge in January 2000, the same year which I was Initiated. During my early years in freemasonry, you were always present and very happy to help and mentor me through my masonic journey. In fact, it was you who Raised me to the Third Degree in March 2002. It was a very impressive ceremony and I know for a fact that you didn’t need a single prompt.


You have always been very happy to get actively involved in Haverfordwest Freemasonry, but you also joined Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters in 2000 and the Richard Warburton Lodge for lodge secretaries and chapter scribes in 2006.

You joined Hwlffordd Chapter in 1999 and served the chapter with distinction as Scribe Ezra for 10 years from 2003 until 2013. As a matter of interest, I was your assistant for 2 or 3 years as Assistant Scribe Ezra.


Your dedication to the Royal Arch in Haverfordwest was recognised by the Province of West Wales and you were appointed to the rank of Past Provincial Scribe Nehemiah in 2008.


W Bro Gerald, you have had a very distinguished 50 years in freemasonry and our organisation is much richer thanks to your hard work and dedication over many years.


On a personal note, I thank you for all the help and support you have given me personally over the last 20 years. It is a great honour to have you as a friend and brother.

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