The Travelling Gavel - It's on the move.


On Monday 28th February 2022 W.Bro. Jim Buck W.M. of Neyland Lodge 990 together with six other brethren attended the regular meeting of Tenby Lodge No. 1177, where they enjoyed an outstanding Initiation Ceremony of Brother David Evans, and also witnessed the presentation of a 50 year certificate to W.Bro. David Cook PPrSGW.


The Brethren then moved to the festive board where they enjoyed an excellent meal and hospitality from the Brethren of Tenby Lodge.


Neyland’s W.M. then claimed the West Wales travelling Gavel on behalf of the brethren Neyland Lodge, from the W.M. of Tenby W.Bro. Brian Miller, under the watchful eye of the Pr.G.M. (See photo) It was a unique make-up of the Neyland visitors as it covered the whole spectrum of masonry having an E.A., F.C., M.M., W.M., P.M., Prov. & G.L. officer in attendance. 


The Gavel is now safe in Neyland’s hands, but as things are getting back to normal they are sure it will not be long before visitors from around the Province arrive to claim it and ensure its continued journey around the Province of West Wales.

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