Ted Sinnett - 50 Years in Craft, 40 Years in Royal Arch


Extract from the PGM's Address


W Bro Ted, you were Initiated into Old Priory Lodge no 4331 on 17th October 1972 and you became Master of the Lodge on 19th November 1980.


The 1980’s was long before the world was computerised. The province didn’t start keeping electronic records until my predecessor became Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary in the early 2000’s. I have no doubt that you held many offices in Old Priory Lodge, but only the ones which are maintained by Grand Lodge appear on your lodge record which means that I can only say with absolute certainty that you served the lodge as secretary from 1999 until 2002.


You joined the prestigious Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters no 3667 in 1981. It is a mark of the esteem which you are held in by the brethren of West Wales that you have served that Lodge as Senior Warden twice, in 2003 and 2010 and twice as Junior Warden in 2014 and 2016.


You were a Founder Member of the Richard Warburton Lodge for Lodge Secretaries in 2003. You served that Lodge as Junior Warden in 2007, Senior Warden in 2008 and Worshipful Master in 2009. You went on to serve the Lodge as Director of Ceremonies in 2016.


In the Province of West Wales, you were first appointed to Provincial Rank in 1987. You served as Director of Ceremonies and you now hold the highest rank possible as a Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden.


In the Holy Royal Arch, you were Exalted into the Kensington Chapter no 366 on 12th February 1980. You served the Chapter as MEZ in 1986. You have been a faithful member of the Kensington Chapter holding many offices over the years.


You have been appointed and promoted many times in Provincial Grand Chapter, perhaps most notably serving as Third Provincial Grand Principal in 2004; Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2009 and Second Provincial Grand Principal from 2011 until 2013.


In Supreme Grand Chapter you were appointed to the rank of Past Grand Standard Bearer in 2005 and promoted to the rank of Past Assistant Grand Sojourner in 2013.


E Comp Ted, you were due your Long Service Certificate in the Royal Arch the month before the first COVID lockdown. I am delighted to tell you that I have it with me this evening and I will also be presenting you with that certificate and badge at the end of my address.



W Bro Ted, you have served your lodges, chapter and the province with loyalty and distinction for more than half a century. You have been a mentor and a role model to us all throughout our masonic careers and I am delighted that it falls to me to be the Provincial Ruler to acknowledge your enormous contribution to freemasonry in West Wales.


W Bro Ted I am delighted to present you with your long service certificates and badges. I congratulate you and wish you well.

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