Strumble Lodge Super Saturday

L-R: Bro. Adam Hope (IG) Bro. Peter Smith (SD) Bro. Brian Laugharne (SW) RW Bro. Alasdair James Ross (PGM) Bro. Felipe Cruz (3rd) Bro. Rhys McLoughlin (1st) Bro. Dylan Thomas (2nd) WBro. Colin Hancock (WM) Bro. Paul Piddock (JW) WBro. Wyn Thomas (ADC) WBro. Philip Morris (DC) Bro. Brian Murphy (JD). 

Super Saturday was the brainchild of our Worshipful Master, W Bro. Colin Hancock who wanted to do something a little bit different. Not everyone was on board with the idea as first but his tenacity paid off and the result was a truly memorable day for the lodge and for freemasonry in West Wales.

Three different candidates in three different ceremonies in one afternoon followed by a well-deserved Festive Board and a quiet pint!


Planning was crucial as there was much to do; everybody was asked to be prompt and efficient in whatever tasks they undertook. The day started with light refreshments and we Tyled at 12 Noon.


We did a Third degree Raising ceremony first then we Called Off for a comfort break (45 minutes, as our Second Degree candidate was caught in traffic!). A bell was sounded to inform the brethren that they needed to finish their coffee and the Passing ceremony was duly performed before the lodge was called to Refreshment again, giving the officers another chance to re prepare for their next ceremony. The ring of the bell confirmed that we were downhill towards the finish line and an Initiation of a brand new mason took place to complete the super performance of our Super Saturday and we were downstairs at 5.15pm all done & dusted and forming an orderly queue at the bar!


Some brethren stayed all day, some could only stay for the first ceremony, others came for the last two and one brother missed all of the ceremonies but attended the festive Board but that was part of why we held Super Saturday – to accommodate & welcome every brother to enjoy their freemasonry and our WM was quick to thank and praise his officers and the brethren of the lodge for ‘running with him’ and providing such a great day.


Our Provincial Grand Master, RW Alasdair James Ross, who was present throughout, heaped praise on our WM for performing the Three Ceremonies and congratulated him and his officers for providing a spectacular day of Freemasonry. He also congratulated the three candidates that took part in this memorable event and told the lodge that they could be very proud of their achievements which were a great advert for freemasonry. 

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