Strumble Lodge Centenary Meeting

Left to right - Tudor Thomas, Colin Hancock, James Ross, Eurig Evans, Brian Laugharne and Arwel Williams


The Strumble Lodge Centenary Meeting was held on Wednesday 11th May 2022. The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro A James Ross accepted the Gavel from the Worshipful Master, W Bro Eurig Evans and Presided at the meeting.


Lodge Secretary, W Bro Basil Phillips had prepared an extract from the minutes of the Consecration of the Lodge in 1921. He also presented a fascinating brief history of the early years of the Lodge and some of it's Founder Members. This included one Founder Member whose Founder's Jewel had been returned to the Lodge by a family member of the Brother concerned.


W Bro Rev'd Aled Lewis, AGChap, the Provincial Grand Chaplain dedicated a plaque to commemorate the occasion which will be placed on the wall for all to see.


Well over 40 brethren dined after the meeting and a great evening was had by all. Here's to another 100 years of Strumble Lodge!!


W Bro Eurig Evans (right) receives the Founders Jewel from Lodge Secretary W Bro Basil Phillips

Extract from the PGM's Address

I am extremely proud and honoured to be the Provincial Grand Master for West Wales. It is a delight to be with you today for this very special celebration. On behalf of myself and the brethren of the Masonic Province of West Wales I congratulate the Strumble Lodge on reaching your centenary.


The primary purpose at a centenary celebration is to give thanks to The Great Architect of the Universe for “favours already received”. We also honour the memory of all those who played a part in the formation of the lodge and remember with gratitude all those who followed and continued to build on the foundation which had been so carefully laid. There have been countless brethren who have made this Lodge lively, flourishing, and happy, proud of its past and confident of its future.


All anniversaries give us an opportunity to reflect on what has gone before and look towards the future. When we look back through the history of Strumble Lodge, we see the familiar names of friends old and new. It reminds us of our own masonic journeys. The debt of gratitude we owe to those who went before us and the responsibility we have, to those who will follow in the next 100 years.


It brings home to us the briefness of human life and the insignificance of human endeavour. We are reminded that we too shall quickly pass by, and others will step into our place. The knowledge that our time is short should encourage us all to leave our mark and strive to make sure that we leave our organisation better than we received it. Not just “pure and unsullied,” but strengthened and re-energised for an even brighter future.


The Brethren who have occupied the chair of this Lodge during its one hundred years have left their mark upon it. This is surely a cause for true thankfulness. Strumble Lodge has played an important part in upholding the value and prestige of the Craft, loyalty to the Ancient Landmarks and its warm spirit of companionship. The welcome and hospitality received at Strumble Lodge Meetings has always been of the highest order.


Our challenge is to further enhance our reputation as a thriving organisation that people aspire to join and to broaden our membership amongst all age groups. By building strong foundations on our core values of Integrity, Respect, Charity, and Friendship we can cement our reputation as a force for good in our communities and society at large. People aspire to join thriving organisations. We all have our part to play in delivering on this challenge, from the Grand Master to the newest Entered Apprentice. By working together as a team, we will succeed.


You, the brethren of Strumble Lodge, must be determined that your lodge will be handed on to your successors in good heart, that they too may know the companionship you know, and share in their turn, the aims of freemasonry. Your duty to your predecessors, and to your successors is to continue the work of building and laying a course which will support what is to follow, generations past, present, and future working together.


My heartiest congratulations to the Strumble Lodge on a wonderful record and on reaching a significant milestone. I offer you my very best wishes for your future growth and success.

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