A Message from W Bro John Watson, Provincial Grand Almoner

To All West Wales Brethren,


I hope this finds you and all your loved ones well at this difficult time. As Provincial Grand Almoner it is part of my duty together with your Lodge Almoners to ensure your wellbeing.


I am concerned that I am hearing reports that some of you who are classed as vulnerable, over 70’s, or suffering from health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma etc, are continuing to offer practical help and carrying on as normal, ignoring the Government advice on social distancing -  http://www.wwmason.com/latest-news/social-distancing-guidance/ 


We are all aware that Freemasons are by nature team players and want to help and support our Brothers in time of need. This is highly commendable but should not be done at risk to ourselves. Please continue to stay in touch, but do so by telephone and emails etc. Whilst doing so if you become aware that a Brother has a problem immediately contact the support help line or email that we have set up at support@wwmason.com or telephone - 01267 243402.


We have many brethren throughout the Province who are not in the “at risk” category who are able to attend and assist Brethren in need.


Brethren when this is all over (and it will end) we want you all to be with us again in our Lodges and Festive Boards, please heed this request so that we can all be together again soon.


 Yours sincerely and Fraternally,


John Watson


John Watson

Provincial Grand Almoner

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