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When contacting brethren during the Lockdown could you keep in mind the following and advise as you think appropriate without overly alarming people. It is a sad fact that at times like this a small minority of society will take advantage of the vulnerable, let us all do what we can to protect them.


Coronavirus is now amongst us and we are witnessing stores and other similar outlets being closed to fight the virus. These closures present problems in areas of crime. We all know there are more people reliant on alcohol and drugs. I am not talking here of prescribed drugs which can be supplied by the Chemists, but illegal drugs such as Heroin Cocaine etc sold by “Dealers”. These people need money to buy drugs, the shops are closed so shoplifting is not an option. Many will resort to burglary and theft from households etc in order to get money for their “fix”.


With the above in mind I offer the following advice:


  1. If you have security lights and alarms systems, please ensure they are operating properly and use them. 
  2. Please lock your doors, windows, garages and garden sheds together with items which are not being used such as Mowers etc. If you have side gates lock them at night. REMEMBER, an open gate is an invitation for someone to enter.  
  3. Be aware of the Collectors knocking on your door for different charities. Strangers who are not neighbours or family, offering to shop for you and asking for money to do so. Those phoning asking for donations and asking for Bank details they may well be scams.
  4. Ensure your Postcode is marked on all items in a place where only you would know where it is. Record all serial numbers of items. If items are extremely valuable or of great sentimental value photograph them and store the information on memory sticks


All this information will help the Police recover and return items should you be unlucky enough to suffer a theft or burglary


Brethren I wish you and your family Good health. With a sensible approach we will all make it to the other side without too many problems.



Sincerely and Fraternally



John Watson   PGA

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