Workshop Summary


The workshop was held in Carmarthen. A total of 18 Lodges were represented with a total of 40 brethren making excellent contributions. The WM opened the meeting and then the brethren were split into groups to discuss relevant topics. After about 15 minutes the groups returned, and a lively discussion then took place with several useful suggestions being made. It is hoped that each Lodge will take these and begin to discuss them in their Lodge.

  1. Now that we are hopefully over lockdowns, we should organise more social functions where members, their partners and friends can meet up and maybe introduce new members to the fun of Freemasonry.
  2. Have a white table festive board and invite prospective members to see how we enjoy our evenings; speeches can be adapted and if there is no ceremony this is made easier.
  3. Try and engage with the community, the Mackworth club is excellent at showing how we can do this and shows that we are not as secretive as we are perceived! It may also attract more enquires.
  4. Try changing the start times of meetings to accommodate more members who have difficulty making the meetings. What about dining before the meeting or opening the bar?
  5. Do you have the candidates at the top table for all their degrees or only for the first, it will make them feel more special and included if they are there for all their ceremonies.
  6. When holding a LOI don’t just do a ceremony have a talk on how to do an after-dinner speech, I think every Lodge could do with some direction on this! Have a talk on etiquette or some other topic from Solomon.
  7. Let’s all be a bit more adventurous with or Masonry, it does not take away from our basic beliefs but will make us more open and make our Masonry more enjoyable!

The members of Richard Warburton Lodge are always available to help with this in any way we can. Please contact the WM or Secretary if there is anything you need help with.


Chris Harding

Provincial Grand Mentor

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