Nigel Adams - 50 Years in Craft Masonry, 40 Years in Royal Arch


As you know, brethren, the Provincial Grand Master likes to attend these presentations for long term continuous membership of Freemasonry himself. Unfortunately, other Masonic business prevents him from being here in person this evening. He apologises for not being here, and has asked me to deputise for him on this occasion. I am delighted therefore to be here to present these certificates and jewels on his behalf.


I gather that this is the first of three such presentations at successive meetings here at Aeron Craft Lodge, and this itself is something that the Lodge can be extremely proud of. Tonight’s presentations are to mark and celebrate the first of those three – W. Bro. Nigel Adams.


I now call on the Provincial Grand Secretary to read the citations.


Whenever I am present at similar occasions, I like to hear a something about the Bro.’s background – be it an initiation, an installation, or a long service award as we have this evening. So what do we know about our Bro?


What I did not realise until just recently, when he asked if he could have a lift with me to this meeting, is that W. Bro. Nigel is nephew to W. Bro. Rev. Keith Davies – Nigel is the son of W. Bro. Keith Davies’s wife's sister – so who better to give some background into W. Bro. Nigel.


Nigel was born in Llanarth. When he was about six his mother and father became proprietors of the Synod Inn where he spent most of his childhood. He attended Aberaeron County School and later Pibwrlwyd College, Carmarthen.


On leaving Pibwrlwyd College, Nigel gained employment with a local authority in Newcastle Emlyn before entering the hospitality business he had been brought up in.  Being the friendly natured man he is, coupled with the experiences no doubt gained from his parents, Nigel became the licensee of Penrhiwgaled Arms,  Cross Inn, running a very successful pub and restaurant.


I gather that, in his youth, Nigel played rugby for Lampeter Town. I am not a very experienced follower of rugby, but I think I know enough to say he did not play at second row!! I can, however, well imagine him as one of those annoying scrum half types who appear to run between the legs of less agile forwards.


In 1978, Uncle Keith and his wife had a shop selling gifts, confectionery, records etc. in Water Street, Aberaeron They had expressed a wish to retire from business, so they sold the shop to Nigel. Shortly after taking the business over, Nigel felt there was an opening in Aberaeron in the travel business, and opened a travel agency in other smaller premises, to be run tandem with the gift shop. As it turned out, this was so successful that he dispensed with the Gift Shop and moved his Travel Agency business to the larger premises, where he remained until his retirement.


Nigel is a faithful member of Henfynyw Church in Ffosyffin where he is churchwarden. He has a son, David, who lives in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Nigel’s long and distinguished Masonic career began when he was initiated into Aeron Lodge on 25th January 1973 by his father, W.Bro. Tom Adams. His father was highly active and prominent in most Masonic Orders and Nigel soon followed in his father's footsteps.


Nigel, you served as Master of this, the Aeron lodge, in 1984, Secretary from 1996 to 2001, and DC 2014/15 and 2018/2020.


You were installed as Master of the Richard Warburton Lodge, of which you were a Founder Member, in 2004, and as Master of the Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters in 2006.


In the Craft in this Province, you hold the very senior rank of PPrSGW.


In the Holy Royal Arch, you were exalted into the Ystwyth Chapter in 1976, where you served as their MEZ 1990/91. I am reliably informed that it was largely through your efforts as a Founder member that the Aeron and Peterwell Chapter was founded in 1999, you served as their MEZ in 1999/2000, and their DC in 2014/15. These efforts were recognised by Supreme Grand Chapter when you received the Grand Chapter rank of PGStB in 2001.


I am aware that you have been very active in most Masonic Orders including the Mark degree where you were appointed as the Provincial Grand Master over the Province of Dyfed in 2007.

The mathematicians present will have realised that your traditional 40 year recognition in the HRA is some 6 years overdue. I can only apologise for that oversight and attempt to go some way to remedy that this evening.  

This is a long and distinguished Masonic career, and it gives me much pleasure in recognising your 50 years continual service to Craft Freemasonry in West Wales, and belatedly your 40 years continual service in the Holy Royal Arch, by presenting you with these certificates and commemorative jewels They are very well deserved.

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