Membership Presentation  - Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters

The PGM, APGM and WM are pictured with the West Wales Team (left) and the South Wales Team (right)


Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters was the venue for the latest presentation on the new Membership Pathway, given by the West Wales Provincial Grand Membership Officer, W Bro Steve Fearn.


In addition to the large number of senior freemasons from all over West Wales, several members of the South Wales Membership Team also came along to offer their support.


In an excellent presentation, W Bro Steve explained the changing face of membership and the fact that nearly 9000 enquiries were generated by the National Digital Marketing Campaign last September, with 95% of those enquiries being made from a Smart Phone! The number of online applications now exceeds the more traditional methods of attraction.


The new Pathway has a greater emphasis on planning end engagement with our existing members to create stronger, more vibrant lodges where happy members really enjoy their freemasonry. W Bro Steve explained the new hub of plan, attract, engage, retrieve. An ongoing process to ensure the long-term success of lodges.


In a lively Q&A Session, many of those present had practical examples of how their lodge was engaging with their existing members. There were also lots of examples of online applications generating excellent candidates who have gone on to take an active role in their lodges.


W Bro Steve Fearn is available to help lodges with planning and implementing the new Pathway. His email address is All Pathway materials and guides can be found at

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