First Rising Special Edition - Meetings in Wales

10 November 2020

Brethren and Companions,

Meetings in Wales

A new set of national measures came into force in Wales yesterday, replacing the firebreak regime
that has been in place since 23rd October 2020.

The law and the current guidance now permit Masonic meetings of up to 15 people to take place in

The relevant Provincial Offices will contact affected Lodges and Chapters directly in the coming days.
Please note that Festive Boards are not yet permitted to take place.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

VW Bro/E Comp David Staples
Grand Secretary/Grand Scribe E

Guidance for the Province of West Wales

Good Morning Brethren and Companions,.


Further to the announcement from UGLE and SGC in today's First Rising, I would like to draw your attention as to how the lifting of certain restrictions imposed by the Welsh Assembly will have an effect on Freemasonry in West Wales.  


The new Regulations state that it is now possible to provide for organised activities indoors for up to 15 people, We have a two week window in which to prepare and organise ourselves for the future. 


In order for us to be prepared to open up our lodges for meetings in the future please see below the information provided by John Pagella Chairman of the Masonic Halls Advisory Group for Masonic Halls.


What does this mean for our Masonic Halls and Meetings?


W Bro Andrew Morgan, the Provincial Masonic Centres Officer, hopes that all centres should by now have visited, or discussed, a potentially new method of operation which will have included a site/building assessment to consider the goal of opening in the future and accommodating government guidance and restrictions. The very latest legislation below sets out the purpose of minimising the risk.


The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 4) (Wales) Regulations 2020 in section 21:-

For the purposes of minimising the risk of exposure to coronavirus at regulated premises, or the spread of coronavirus by those who have been at regulated premises, the responsible person must—

(a)take all reasonable measures to ensure—

(i)that a distance of 2 metres is maintained between any persons on the premises (except between members of the same household or a carer and the person assisted by the carer); (ii)where persons are required to wait to enter the premises, that a distance of 2 metres is maintained between them (except between members of the same household or a carer and the person assisted by the carer),


(b)take any other reasonable measures for that purpose, for example measures which limit close face–to-face interaction and maintain hygiene such as—

(i)changing the layout of premises including the location of furniture and workstations;

(ii)controlling use of entrances, passageways, stairs and lifts;

(iii)controlling use of shared facilities such as toilets and kitchens;

(iv)otherwise controlling the use of, or access to, any other part of the premises;

(v)installing barriers or screens;

(vi)providing or requiring use of personal protective equipment, and  


(c)provide information to those entering or working at the premises about how to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus.


Useful additional information can be found at




Once all of the above have been adhered to the next step is to follow the blue print exit strategy from the UGLE laid out in the link below which was issued in the First Rising - Edition#1 on June 1st 2020;-


This strategy was set up as a blue print and has to take into account the relevant requirements for Wales but gives guidelines for you to follow; and hopefully any queries or questions that you might have will be dealt with by the frequently asked questions set out in the link below:-      

Frequently asked questions First Rising - Edition#4 July 27th 2020


I would like to draw your attention to the Temporary Measures notice issued to you by UGLE which will give you lots of help and guidance towards ensuring that if, and when you decide that you are willing and able to undertake meetings you will be all working within the same guidelines and structure.

Temporary Emergency Measures  First Rising - Edition#4 October 5th 2020


Once all of the above criteria has been met I am sure that the Director of Ceremonies will be very anxious to know how what changes will be involved within his role. A link to the relevant changes has been sent to lodge secretaries and chapter scribes.


Remember that old saying "those who fail to prepare are the ones who prepare to fail".


Brethren these are very difficult times for us and if we can all pull together by working as one I am sure that we can all get through this safely for the good of freemasonry in general.


Should you require any further assistance please feel free to contact myself or anything you wish to know about the building and its regulations  contact W Bro Andrew Morgan and we shall do our very best to assist you with any queries you may have.


Many thanks for your help.


Yours sincerely and fraternally,

W Bro Anthony C Trumper

Provincial Grand Secretary

Province of West Wales

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