Masonic Building Guidance


Masonic Centres and Halls were required to close at short notice and with little warning back in March, and they have mainly remained closed ever since.

Even in normal times buildings which have been closed and unoccupied for an extended period of time require owners and managers to follow careful and well-defined procedures to check that the buildings for which they are responsible are sound, and services are fully functioning, before they reopen.

All of the rules in relation to Fire Regulations, Health and Safety requirements, and where appropriate catering hygiene standards remain in force, and compliance will be mandatory before buildings can reopen safely whether to allow commercial operations to resume or, in due course, Masonic meetings to return.

Detailed guidance can be found in the Masonic Halls Best Practice Manual.

These are not normal times and when buildings reopen it will be necessary to comply not only with the numerous regulations, but also social distancing and related Government guidelines in place at the time. Further guidance covering these matters will be added to the Masonic Halls Best Practice Manual at the appropriate time.

John Pagella
Chairman Masonic Halls Advisory Group


Peter Vosser
Deputy Chairman Masonic Halls Advisory Group.


West Wales Masonic Halls should direct any queries to the Provincial Masonic Centres Officer - W Bro Andrew Morgan

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