Mackworth Club Fishing Trip


On Tuesday 13th June 2023 several members of the Mackworth Club together with a guest from Swansea once again enjoyed a day’s fishing, organised by ex-club Chairman Marc Bassett.

Everybody caught fish, which is very pleasing for all concerned, as it can be very off putting to be the only one on the boat not to catch anything. This time the species caught were as follows: -  Conger, Spotted Ray, Small Eye Ray, Pollack, Bull Huss, Dogfish, Mackerel, Scad and Bass.


The highlight of the day was when Marc himself caught a bass weighing in at 13lb 6 oz which was a new boat record as attested by the boat owners. Marc commented “It was the icing on the cake, truly a fish of a lifetime.” (The fish was returned to the water unharmed)

Marc is planning the next trip on Tuesday 11th July 2023 and if any brother in the Province would like to attend, please contact Marc directly by email at

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