Ivor Shuttleworth - 40 Years in Royal Arch


I am very pleased and honoured this evening to be asked to present this long service certificate to E. Comp Ivor Shuttleworth on attaining 50 years unbroken service in the Holy Royal Arch.  


The MEGS sends his congratulations and good wishes to you on this special event and thank you for the commitment you have given to Freemasonry in our Province and further afield over the last 56 years.


E. Comp Ivor you were initiated into the St. Elli Lodge on the 21st December 1966, you became W. Master on the 18th October 1978. You were then appointed as the Lodge D.C. in 1988 which you held for 4years.


In the Province you were appointed to Provincial Senior Deacon in 1984 and promoted to Past Senior Grand Warden in 1996


In 2016 you were presented with your 50 year long service certificate in the Craft by the then APGM W. Bro. Jeffrey C. Lewis.


In the Holy Royal Arch you were exalted in to the St. Elliw Chapter on 24th May 1971


Companions May 24th 1971 was also a Monday.


Ted Heath was the PM

Decimal currency was introduced in February. The Email was invented by Ray Tomlinson.

Pint was 16p, house £5K, gallon petrol 34p, Ford Cortina £968 and

20 cigs  27p no wonder everyone had a cough then.


You were subsequently Installed as 1st Principal in 1984 as you can see companions the Royal Arch was very strong in those days shown by the length of time taken for E. Comp Ivor to reach the 1st Principals chair. You served the Chapter as the DC for 4 years and as Treasurer for 13 years.


In the Royal Arch Province your first Provincial appointment was 1st Asst Grand Sojourner in 1986 and you were then promoted to 3rd Provincial Grand Principal in 2008.


Born in Swansea at a very young age (

Attended Swansea Secondary Technical School. Started work as Apprentice Electrical Engineer at the then SCW at Port Talbot then transferred to Trostre Works, attended Swansea Technical College   where you obtained an HNC in Electrical Engineering. Finally the works Electrical Spares Engineer at Trostre Works. I also worked for British Steel as it was then, and myself in the Mechanical and you in Electrical.

But our paths never crossed until I joined Freemasonry in 1986. We then had very interesting conversations about Freemasonry until W. Bro Roy Roberts got involved.


Little did I think that I would be standing here making this presentation to you this evening


It is therefore with great pleasure that I present you with this certificate to mark 50 years continuous service to The Holy Royal Arch and pin on this lapel badge which I know that you will wear with pride.


I congratulate you for your loyalty and dedication and I wish you good health to enjoy many more happy years in Royal Arch and Craft Masonry.


Finally I would confer my sincere thanks to the Principals and Companions of St. Elliw chapter for arranging this special event today, I am sure will be remembered for many years to come.

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