Cocktails and Comedy - Saturday 4th July 2020

Pimms No 1


The weather may not be brilliant today, but if you can still pretend it's summer with this fabulous summer drink. Pimms is normally served in either pints or halves. Most recipes have it 1/4 Pimms topped up with lemonade, but I think it's nicer half and half.



100ml Pimms

100ml Lemonade

Slices of lemon, orange, cucumber & strawberry





Add the solid ingredients to glass then pour over the Pimms followed by the lemonade. Alternatively mix the wet ingredients in a jug and pour into a glass filled with fruit and ice.

Lords of Gravity


The Lords of Gravity are the most well-known aerobatic slam-dunk team in Europe. Originating from the University of Physical Education in Hungary, they have held the world-record for “Farthest Basketball Slam Dunk” since 2014.


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