Cocktail and Comedy - Saturday 16th May 2020

There's not a lot to look forward to at the moment, so W Bro Adrian Thomas of Peterwell Lodge has created "Cocktail and Comedy Night" for us all to enjoy every Saturday. Why not send in your own favourite cocktail or comedy sketch?







  • Juice of One Lime
  • 1tsp Granulated Sugar
  • 60ml White Rum
  • Small handful of mint leaves, plus a sprig of mint to garnish
  • Soda Water to Taste


  1. Mix the lime juice, sugar and mint leaves in a jug, crushing the mint leaves.
  2. Pour the mixture into your favourite glass and add some ice cubes.
  3. Pour in the White Rum and stir well.
  4. Top with a dash of soda and a sprig of mint and serve immiediately.


Bacardi Mojito Advert

If you're not sure that a Mojito is the cocktail for you, just watch what it does for your evening!

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