Bro Will Harding Passed to the Second Degree

Left to right, Andy Whitcher, ProvGStwd, Ted Hoyle, ProvGSwdB, James Ross, ProvGM, Will Harding, Chris Harding, ProvGMent,

Tudor Thomas, ProvSGW, Mike Harries, Cambrian Lodge WM, Dario Algieri, ProvGPurs


On Wednesday 19th January, there were 6 current acting Provincial Officers present to witness Bro Will Harding, son of the Provincial Grand Mentor, W Bro Chris Harding being Passed to the Second Degree.


W Bro Andy Whitcher, Provincial Grand Steward conducted the cermony; W Bro Tudor Thomas, Provincial Senior Grand Warden presented the long version of the Second Degree Tools and Will's father Chris, the Provincial Grand Mentor, gave a faultless explanation of the Second Degree Tracing Board.


The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro James Ross said: "I congratulate all those who took part in the ceremony this evening. The standard of ritual was excellent throughout and Bro Will was a superb candidate."

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