A Poem by John Prior

The Virus

In Wuhan life changed forever
Our world brought to its knees
A plague just like from the Bible
Descended upon our Earth

A small infectious Agent
Strong, powerful and unyielding
Replicating only inside living cells
Relentlessly per suing its goal of world domination

Yes! Nature still controls us
No matter what our colour or creed
Death the great leveller looms before us
Destroying all those who are weak.

This cunning virus is quick thinking
And we must act very fast
Otherwise life as we know it
Will look nothing like our past

The human race is ingenious
We’ve sent missions to the Moon
Science is now our only hope
In keeping this virus at bay

Now is the time to help each other
To stop this virus in its tracks
Its destruction is vital
That we all may live to see another day

by John Prior

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