3 Provinces, 2 Lodges, and 1 Candidate


Thanks to the enthusiasm of The Provincial Grand Stewards' Lodge from the Province of Shropshire and the abundance of candidates that Saint Padarn Masonic Lodge has in the Province of West Wales, a remarkable gathering took place at the Welshpool Masonic Centre in the Province of North Wales. This meeting not only brought together Masonic brethren from different regions but also fostered the establishment of new friendships and the cultivation of respect with integrity. Additionally, the event embraced the spirit of charity, as the Provincial Grand Stewards lodge kindly donated half the proceeds of the raffle towards Saint Padarn’s 2026 festival target adding an extra dimension of goodwill.


During this memorable occasion, The Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge had the privilege of raising a local candidate from Saint Padarn Lodge Bro. Sam Thomas. Given the considerable distance between the two lodges, Welshpool served as a convenient and welcoming venue for this warm and bustling evening. The atmosphere was vibrant, reflecting the shared commitment to Freemasonry and the camaraderie among the brethren.


The event exemplified the power of Masonic fraternity in transcending geographical boundaries and uniting Masons from various provinces. It emphasised the importance of collaboration and support within the Masonic community. Through this gathering, bonds were strengthened, and lifelong connections were formed, enriching the Masonic experience for all involved.


In summary, the meeting at Welshpool Masonic Centre, facilitated by the Provincial Grand Stewards' Lodge and Saint Padarn Masonic Lodge, was a testament to the profound impact of Masonic brotherhood. The occasion not only celebrated the raising of a new member but also embodied the values of friendship, respect, integrity, and charity that lie at the core of Freemasonry.

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