2026 Festival Quick Donations Online

Brethren of the Province of West Wales, our 2026 Festival fundraising campaign is in full swing, so it is timely to remind you all that the quickest, easiest AND PREFERRED method of making an online contribution is by using the Digital Donation platform, provided by the MCF earlier in the pandemic.


Your donations will go directly to the Festival Relief Chest and be credited to you and your lodge. On the left is the QR code and URL (website address). If you are unsure about QR codes, or don’t have a scanning facility on your mobile phone don’t worry, from your laptop simply click anywhere on the left of this page and you will go straight into the MCF Digital Donation website. It only takes a few minutes to donate!


On the first page select your donation amount (by selecting ‘Other’ you can choose your own amount). Insert your names, first line of address and postcode. Type in your lodge name, then the lodge number. It is important to precede the lodge number with a capital L to make it clear that it is a lodge not a chapter e.g. L1177.  The Appeal name is optional…you could just type in ‘West Wales Festival 2026’. Lastly on this page, select CARD PAYMENT.


On the next page, enter your credit card details in the grey box including your 3-digit security code and postcode. Click on the dark blue DONATE box.


On the next page the amount is confirmed, so click on the box ‘PROVIDE DETAILS FOR GIFT AID’. It is vital that you select this box in order to generate an additional 25% on your donation. If all donations are gift-aided we will achieve our Festival target faster!


The next page shows your name and address, so just click on the BLUE box that says ‘I HAVE READ AND ACCEPT THE STATEMENTS’. This confirms the Gift Aid on your donation.


On the next page click on the box ‘EMAIL RECEIPT’.


On the last page type in your email address. That’s It….All Done! Thanks for donating to the 2026 West Wales Festival.



IMPORTANT: Brethren, this online facility is a convenient way of contributing to our Festival campaign, but is supplementary to the primary method, which is by making a Regular Payment (Direct Debit forms are available from your lodge charity steward, or from myself.)


Steve Thurgood,

Secretary & Treasurer

West Wales Masonic Charities Association                    tlc.stevethurgood@yahoo.com

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